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Lot NameDescription
69.54 Indo Parthians, Abdagases, Billon,Tetradrachm, 9.70g, & not of Gondophares
69.55 Indo Parthians, Abdagases, BillionTetradrachm, 9.84g, & not of Gondophares
69.214 Akbar, Silver Square Rupee, 11.34g, “Kalima” type, Bang Mint & not Ujjain Mint.
69.260 Aurangzeb, Copper Paisa, 13.34g, & not of Shah Jahan
69.272 Aurangzeb, Silver 1/8 Rupee, 1.28g, Ujjain Mint (off flan) (KM# A292.2). Withdrawn
69.287 Ahmad Shah, Copper Paisa, 13.77g, & not of Muhammad Shah
69.524 Jeypore Cap Badge & not of Jaipur
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