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About Us...
Dear Friends,

warm welcome to our improved new website. We have come a long way since the launch of our e-business portal in the last 3 years. As you know so far we published 6 fixed price lists & have conducted 12 auctions in total since we started in 2007 and this year (2010) we have conducted the first ever collector-featured coin collection to be presented in any auction in India. We are sure this auction will set a trend of profiling collections by ascribing Collectors’ names to the collections as is the tradition in the west and will unshackle collections from the clutches of anonymity owing to fear of the various governmental authorities.

If you are a serious collector of Indian coins, I am sure you must have dealt with us or at least heard about us. For those of you who have been associated with us for the last 3 years since the launch of our web based e-business initiative and also others who have been a part of my FAMILY for the last so many years, I promise that I will continue to give you the same personalized service that I myself so cherish. E-businesses, by definition, are more automatic and less personalized; for we do not meet face to face. But the new website is more interactive and contains many new features such as Internet Auction, monthly price lists and many more,. that will further the frequency of our interaction. And also be assured that any deficit due to lack of personal contact shall be compensated through superior service.

For those of you who do not know me personally or do not have any business relationship with me so far, let me introduce myself as a “Student of Numismatics”. Though I deal in coins. my objective is not exactly to make profits for the sake of it. More than profit I am interested in winning friends and serving collectors thereby furthering the cause of Numismatics. I am in this line of business for the past 15 years and coin collecting is also a hobby for me. I am sure, being a collector myself I will be in a strong position to understand the needs and wants of other kindred spirits. I was one of the co founders of the first numismatic auctioneers in India.

As I said, the aims and objects of this site is to further the cause of Indian Coin collecting rather than making a profit. And Indian Coin Collecting is at crossroads. We are in for some interesting times ahead. Though we cannot predict as to how the scene is going to play out, I am sure several factors will contribute to healthy growth for coin collecting in India. The exponential growth of the Indian economy in recent years and its relative insulation from the global credit crisis coupled with the shift in demographics and people’s priorities will surely add several new collectors to Indian Coins. Not to mention the role of the sizable population of Non – Resident Indians (NRIs), the future of Indian Coins collecting is bright. This is quite evident from the recent spurt in demand for some hitherto dormant series such as Mughal, Native States & British India.

In such interesting times, we invite you to be part of our growth. We have grown from A4 page spreadsheet to a 30 pages catalogue in the last two years. We have added many new features and innovations in this site for our friend – connoisseurs and greenhorns included. We will cater to all spectra of the Indian numismatic panorama including coins of ancient, mediaeval and modern times, tokens, medals and bank notes. All our coins are guaranteed genuine.

Please come and be a part of my FAMILY to enhance your Numismatic Assets.


Girish Veera
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